Sponsorships levels available (Stay tuned for details):

Diamond ($10,000) – Only one available!
The Diamond sponsor’s logo will be on water bottles handed out to all conference registrants, in addition to other benefits.

Platinum ($7,500)

Gold ($5,000)

Silver ($2,500)

Bronze ($1,000)


Sponsorships for the 2018 WCPSC are available to organizations that are not subject to regulatory jurisdiction of a WCPSC member commission (a regulated entity) or to any entity affiliated with a regulated entity.

For information on these opportunities, please contact Michelle Malloy, NARUC Director of Meetings, at (202) 898-2214 or mamalloy@naruc.org.


Here are the 2017 WCPSC Sponsors:


Gold Level Sponsors



Silver Level Sponsors



Bronze Level Sponsors