The list of attendees for the 2019 Western Conference of Public Service Commissioners will be updated every Friday.

Name Title Organization Date Registered
Kristine Schmidt Governing Body Member Western EIM 3/18/19
Keith Switzer Vice President Golden State Water Company 3/18/19
Jeffrey Stein Policy Advisor API 3/18/19
Sam Loudenslager Director, Regulatory Policy Southwest Power Pool 3/18/19
John Prescott Governing Body Member Western Energy Imbalance Market 3/18/19
Sarah Qureshi Principal Nextera Energy 3/18/19
Tyler Lindholm Tyler Lindholm Wyoming House of Representatives 3/18/19
Karl Rabago Executive Director Pace Energy and Climate Center 3/18/19
Pamela Rabago Guest Pace Energy and Climate Center 3/18/19
Jack Hawks Executive Director California Water Association 3/18/19
Cale Case Senator Wyoming Legislature 3/19/19
Rick CIMERMAN VP – External & State Affairs NCTA – The Internet & Television Association 3/19/19
Dan Lapato Senior Director, State Affairs American Gas Association 3/19/19
Patrick Ehrbar Directory of Regulatory Affairs Avista Corporation 3/19/19
Liz Andrews Sr Mgr Revenue Requirements Avista Corporation 3/19/19
David Meyer VP & Chief Counsel Reg & Govt Affairs Avista Corporation 3/19/19
Gayle Burns Guest Arizona Corporation Commission 3/19/19
Bob Burns Chairman Arizona Corporation Commission 3/19/19
Cliff Rechtschaffen Commissioner California Public Utilities Commission 3/19/19
Mary Claire Couch Manager, Governmental Affairs and Public Policy American Gas Association 3/19/19
Kelly Mendenhall Director, Regulatory Dominion Energy 3/20/19
Jordan Stephenson Manager, Regulatory Dominion Energy 3/20/19
Austin Summers Manager, Regulatory Dominion Energy 3/20/19
Jessica Ipson Regulatory Analyst Dominion Energy 3/20/19
Orijit Ghoshal Regulatory Affairs Invenergy 3/20/19
Steve Olea Policy Advisor Arizona Corporation Commission 3/20/19
Gwynne Olea Guest Arizona Corporation Commission 3/20/19
Ann Rendahl Commissioner WA UTC 3/20/19
Deb Scott Senior Director, Regulatory Policy Salt River Project 3/20/19
Dan Skopec Vice President, Regulatory Affairs San Diego Gas & Electric Co. 3/20/19
William Hanchey VP Government Affairs CenturyLink 3/21/19
Marne Jones VP Black Hills Corporation 3/21/19
Zachary Kravitz Director, Rates & Regulatory Affairs NW Natural 3/21/19
Michelle Malloy Coordinator WCPSC 3/21/19
Jay Balasbas Commissioner WA UTC 3/21/19
Paul Suskie Executive VP Southwest Power Pool 3/22/19
Noel Black Vice President, Federal Regulatory Affairs Southern Company 3/22/19
Thad LeVar Chair PSC of Utah 3/25/19
David Clark Commissioner Utah Public Service Commission 3/25/19
Susan Clark Guest Utah Public Service Commission 3/25/19
Travis Kavulla Director, Energy Policy R Street Institute 3/25/19
Laura Farkas Guest n/a 3/25/19
Greg White Executive Director NARUC 3/26/19
Ben Bright Manager – Regulatory 201 Worthen Drive 3/26/19
Benjamin Aron Director, State Regulatory Affairs CTIA 3/26/19
Alaine Ginocchio Attorney/Energy Policy Analyst Western Interstate Energy Board 3/26/19
Jordan White Commissioner Public Service Commission 3/26/19
Fred Nass Commission Staff Public Service Commission of Utah 3/26/19
Melissa Paschal Commission Staff Public Service Commission of Utah 3/26/19
Alice Jackson President Xcel Energy – Colorado 3/26/19
Barry Springer Vice President Mountain View Electric Association, Inc. 3/27/19
Henry Tilghman Principal TIlghman Associates 3/27/19
Fred Stoffel Director, Regulatory & Finance Black Hills Corporation 3/28/19
David Bush Governmental Affairs Manager Black Hills Energy 3/29/19
Jim Horan Regulatory Affairs Manager NRECA 3/29/19
Shirley Welte VP-Wyoming Operations Black Hills Energy 4/01/19
Dustin McKen Manager, Electric Operations Black Hills Energy 4/01/19
Eric Williams Consultant Nuclear Energy Institute 4/01/19
Jenniffer Clark Sr. Counsel Dominion Energy 4/01/19
Partner Holland & Hart LLP 4/02/19
Paul Kjellander Commissioner Idaho Public Utilities Commission 4/03/19
Elizabeth Stipnieks Senior Advisor Public Utilities Fortnightly 4/04/19
Holly Taylor Ms. Western Interconnection Regional Advisory Body 4/04/19
Nik Stoffel Attorney Holland & Hart LLP 4/04/19
Megan Decker Chair Oregon Public Utility Commission 4/04/19
Steve Bloom Commissioner ORegon Public Utility Commission 4/04/19
Claire Albouy Kristi Collins Guest 4/04/19
Letha Tawney Commissioner Oregon Public Utility Commission 4/04/19
Etta Lockey VP, Regulation PacifiCorp 4/05/19
Eric Schubert Regulatory Affairs Advisor BP Energy Company 4/05/19
Natasha Siores Manager, Regulatory Compliance NW natural 4/05/19
Ryder Rudd Government Consultant RSR Strategies 4/07/19
Namrata Mishra Rates Analyst Atmos Energy Corporation 4/08/19
Jon Piliaris Director, Regulatory Affairs Puget Sound Energy 4/08/19
Cathie Allen Regulatory Affairs Manager PacifiCorp 4/08/19
Ward Camp Chief Policy Officer Energy Blockchain Consortium 4/08/19
Brandon Housekeeper Director, Regulatory Affairs Puget Sound Energy 4/08/19
Peter Colussy Manager, Regional Affairs CAISO 4/09/19
Matt Evans PIO Idaho Public Utilities Commission 4/10/19
Scott Miller Executive Director Western  Power Trading Forum 4/10/19
Stephen Goodson Policy Advisor Idaho Public Utilities Commission 4/10/19
Teri Ohta Principal Corp. Counsel T-Mobile 4/11/19
Cindy Blume Program Manager CPU NMSU 4/11/19
Anne Arquit VP Market Development Enervee 4/13/19
Walter Niederberger Correspondent TagesAnzeiger 4/13/19
Katie McCormack Program Director, West Policy Energy Foundation 4/13/19
Dan Pfeiffer Vice President of Government Affairs ITRON 4/15/19
David Danner Chairman Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission 4/15/19
Philip Jones Executive Director Alliance for Transportation Electrification 4/15/19
Pooja Kishore State Regulatory Manager PacifiCorp 4/16/19
Ivy Lyn Senior Manager Edison Electric Institute 4/16/19
Joelle Steward Vice President, Regulation PacifiCorp 4/16/19
Eric Nelsen Senior Regulatory Attorney NW Natural 4/16/19
Jolynn Butler Director AT&T 4/17/19
Alexis Sulentic Manager, State Regulatory Outreach Edison Electric Institute 4/17/19
Cynthia Hall Commissioner NMPRC 4/17/19
Robert Macfarlane Regulatory Consultant Portland General Electric 4/17/19
Boyd Dunn Commissioner Arizona Corporation Commission 4/17/19
Nancy Dunn Guest Arizona Corporation Commission 4/17/19
Deana Dennis Sr. Mgr. Gov’t & Ext’l Relations EPRI 4/19/19
Steven McDougal Director, Regulation PacifiCorp 4/19/19
Ted Weston Regulatory Manager Rocky Mountain Power 4/22/19
Raegene Weston Guest Rocky Mountain Power 4/22/19
Lori Blattner Director, Regulatory Affairs Intermountain Gas Company 4/22/19
Brenda Salter Utility Technical Consultant Utah Division of Public Utilities 4/22/19
Steve Salter Guest Utah Division of Public Utilities 4/22/19
Stacy Splittstoesser WY Regulatory Affairs Manager Rocky Mountain Power 4/22/19
Bob Stump Executive Director Arizona Energy Policy Group 4/22/19
Jane Stump Guest 4/22/19
Brooke Trammell RVP Rates & Regulatory Affairs Xcel Energy 4/23/19
Eric Orton Utility Technical Consultant Utah PSC 4/23/19
Jodie Orton Guest Utah PSC 4/23/19
Bradley Johnson Chairman Montana Public Service Commission 4/23/19
Kyle White VP Regulatory Strategy Black Hills Energy 4/23/19
Ann Pongracz Commissioner Public Utilities Commission of Nevada 4/23/19
Mark Cole Guest Public Utilities Commission of Nevada 4/23/19
Colleen Larkin Bell VP & General Manager Dominion Energy 4/24/19
Ariel Son State Regulatory Affairs Manager PacifiCorp 4/24/19
Jared Geiger VP Rates and Regulatory Affairs Atmos Energy 4/24/19
Jerrad Hammer Director Regulatory and Finance Black Hills Energy 4/25/19
Elizabeth Hickey Attorney Interwest Energy Alliance 4/25/19
Eric Anderson Commissioner Idaho Public Utilities Commission 4/25/19
Charlie Buck Director, Regulatory Affairs Oracle Utilities 4/25/19
Robert A. Nelson Consumer Counsel Montana Consumer Counsel 4/26/19
Mike Wilding Director, Regulation Pacific Power 4/26/19
Yvonne Hogle Asst General Counsel Rocky Mountain Power 4/29/19
Craig Gott General Manager Suburban Water Systems 4/29/19
Jason Evans Director of Development Ecoplexus Inc. 4/29/19
Angela Dykema Owner Dykema Strategies 4/29/19
Kelcey Brown Director, Market Policy PacifiCorp 4/30/19
Todd Brink General Counsel Black Hills Energy 4/30/19
John Gavan Commissioner The Colorado Public Utilities Commission 4/30/19
Jeffrey Ackermann Chairman The Colorado Public Utilities Commission 4/30/19
Joe Christian Director of Rates & Regulatory Affairs Prefix 4/30/19
Gary Gregory President Atmos Energy 5/1/19
Laurie Gregory Guest Atmos Energy 5/1/19
Mark Fenton Executive Director, Regulatory Policy & Case Management Public Service Company of New Mexico 5/1/19
Michelle Motzkus Legal & Regulatory Affairs Silver Star Communications 5/2/19
Russ Motzkus Guest Silver Star Communications 5/2/19
Theresa Becenti-Aguilar Commissioner New Mexico Public Regulation Commission 5/2/19
Stacey Crowley Vice President External and Customer Affairs CALIFORNIA ISO 5/2/19
Michael Picker President CA Public Utilities Commission 5/2/19
Jeff Richards VP and General Counsel Rocky Mountain Power 5/2/19
Mike Parvinen Director, Regulatory Affairs Cascade Natural Gas Corp. 5/2/19
Aaron Rader Regulatory Affairs Wartsila 5/3/19
Sandra Waldstein Public Affairs Supervisor Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 5/3/19
Hudson Sangree Correspondent RTO Insider 5/3/19
Christopher  Leger Attorney Wyoming OCA 5/3/19
Robert Pickett Commissioner Regulatory Commission of Alaska 5/3/19
Maury Gilbraith Executive Director Western Interstate Energy Board 5/4/19
David Boyd VP, Gov’t & Regulatory Affairs MISO 5/6/19
Brian Theaker Director, Regulatory Affairs NRG Energy, Inc. 5/6/19
Denise Parrish Deputy Administrator Wyoming Office of Consumer Advocate 5/6/19
Rick Walsh Guest Wyoming Office of Consumer Advocate 5/6/19
Hannah Yi Program Associate, West Policy Energy Foundation 5/6/19
Michele Beck Director Office of Consumer Services 5/7/19
Richard Glick Commissioner Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 5/7/19
Tom Darin Western Region Director American Wind Energy Assoc 5/7/19
Margaret Miller Director of Regulatory Affairs and Market Development Avangrid Renewables 5/7/19
Leodoloff Asuncion, Jr. Commissioner HI Public Utilities Commission 5/7/19
Karen Kansfield Manager, Regulatory Services Tucson Electric Power/UNSE 5/7/19
Kaylan Dorsch Stakeholder Relations Coordinator Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance 5/7/19
William Spruance Policy Analyst NAWC 5/7/19
Michael Brady SVP, State Regulatory Affairs Comcast 5/8/19
Anthony Ornelas Rate Analyst Wyoming OCA 5/8/19
Matt Derr Director/Regulation & Energy Efficiency Southwest Gas Corporation 5/8/19
Justin Brown Sr VP/General Counsel Southwest Gas Corporation 5/8/19
Christina Hayes Vice President Berkshire Hathaway Energy 5/8/19
Seth Nelson Manager, Transmission Policy Black Hills Energy 5/9/19
Jana Smoot White General Counsel Black Hills Energy 5/9/19
Elizabeth Salerno Technical Advisor Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 5/9/19
Matthew Christiansen Attorney Advisor Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 5/9/19
Megan DeCorse Regulatory Counsel Tucson Electric Power Co. 5/9/19
Cameron Yourkowski Regulatory Market Affairs Manager EDP Renewables 5/9/19
Michael Robinson Commissioner Wyoming PSC 5/10/19
Jefferson Byrd Commissioner NM Public Regulation Commission 5/10/19
Lee Beck Senior Advisor Global CCS Institute 5/10/19
Erin Timrawi 5/10/19
Anna Pavlova VP, Government Relations Schneider Electric 5/10/19
Sara Baldwin Vice President, Regulatory IREC 5/10/19
Edward Garvey Regulatory Advisor AESL Consulting 5/11/19
Andrew Bordine VP – Energy Markets and Innovation pdvWireless 5/13/19
Austin Rueschhoff Attorney Holland & Hart LLP 5/13/19
Mary Throne Deputy Chair Wyoming Public Service Commission 5/13/19
Kevin Boyce Guest Wyoming Public Service Commission 5/13/19
Brad Ramsay General Counsel NARUC 5/13/19
Doug Little Senior Advisor Department of Energy 5/13/19
Justin Fornstrom Guest of Kara Fornstrom 5/13/19
Kara B. Fornstrom Chairman Wyoming Public Service Commission 5/13/19
John Gutierrez Senior Director – Government Affairs Comcast 5/14/19
Mark Chiles VP – Regulatory Affairs Cascade Natural Gas & Intermountain Gas 5/14/19
Tim Tatum VP, Regulatory Affairs Idaho Power Company 5/14/19
Caitlin Straabe Regulatory Analyst Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. 5/15/19
Tamie Aberle Director of Regulatory Affairs Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. 5/15/19
Jon Sohn US Director Capital Power 5/15/19
Bill Kunick FERC (guest) 5/15/19
Bryce Freeman Administrator Wyoming Office of Consumer Advocate 5/15/19
Pam Freeman Guest 5/15/19
Matthew Horton Chief Commercial Officer Proterra Inc 5/15/19
Cheryl LaFleur Commissioner Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 5/15/19
Tony O’Donnell Commissioner Montana PSC 5/16/19
Christopher Worley Director of Rate Design Vivint Solar 5/16/19
Jennifer Price Government Affairs Director Comcast 5/16/19
Jeffrey Petrash VP & General Counsel National Propane Gas Association 5/16/19
Doug Cooley VP – State Gov Affairs Comcast 5/16/19
Brian Heithoff CEO/General Manager High West Energy 5/17/19
Steven Wellner Legal Advisor Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 5/17/19
Will Dubois Lead Assistant General Counsel Xcel Energy Services 5/17/19
David Angell Senior Manager, T&D Planning Idaho Power 5/17/19
Michael D’Antonio Manager Regulatory Administration Xcel Energy/Southwestern Public Service Co. 5/17/19
Branden Sudduth VP, Reliability Planning and Performance Analysis WECC 5/17/19
Mark Westhoff Vice President, Pipeline Management Kinder Morgan West Region Gas Pipelines 5/17/19
Brian Fritz Director of Transmission Services PacifiCorp 5/17/19
Mark Peterson Dr. University of Wyoming 5/17/19
Alexandra Leumer Director, Public Policy ChargePoint 5/18/19
Martha Merrill Regulatory Analyst Simple Energy 5/19/19
Amy Timperly Director/Regulation & Energy Efficiency SouthWest Gas Corporation 5/20/19
Jason Beggar Executive Director WY Infrastructure Authority 5/20/19
Ellen Nowak Commissioner Public Service Commission of Wisconsin 5/20/19
Nick Wagner Board Member Iowa Utilities Board 5/20/19
Ethan Case Vice President of Policy Heelstone Energy 5/20/19
Justin Wilson Director, Public Policy Chargepoint 5/20/19
William Russell 5/20/19
Al Minier 5/20/19
Rachel Bird Director of Policy & Business Development, West Borrego Solar 5/20/19
Chris Nelder Manager Rocky Mountain Institute 5/20/19
Winnifred Groves PUC Research Assistant HI Public Utilities Commission 5/20/19
Tanuj Denora Vice President, Market Development Simple Energy 5/20/19
Kris Zadlo Senior Vice President, Commercial Analytics, Regulatory Affairs and Transmission Ivenergy 5/21/19
Crystal McDonough Attorney McDonough Law LLC 5/21/19
Anthony Sanabria Account Director Business Development Kinder Morgan, Inc. 5/21/19
Thomas Ashley VP, Policy Greenlots 5/21/19
Bruce Asay Mr. ALG Law 5/21/19
Jason Fordney Editor California Energy Markets (Newsdata) 5/21/19
Mark Soltes AVP-Government Affairs CenturyLink 5/21/19
Tobi Johansen Vice-President Wyoming Telecommunications Association 5/21/19
David Feldman Senior Partner SDR 5/21/19
Tim Kunkleman Director, State Reg & Govt Affairs CenturyLink 5/21/19
Richard Glick Commissioner FERC 5/22/19
Gary Dorris President Ascend Analytics 5/22/19
David Millar Director Resource Planning Consulting Ascend Analytics 5/22/19
Michael Nasi Mr. Jackson Walker LLP 5/22/19
Kristin Lee Director CenturyLink 5/22/19
Virginia Bodyfelt Ms. Union Wireless 5/23/19
Michelle Peden Ms. Union Wireless 5/23/19
Jim Bell Dominion Energy 5/23/19
Shelley Kendrick Director, Marketing & Business Development Dominion Energy Questar Pipeline 5/24/19
Michael Easley CEO Powder River Energy Corporation 5/24/19
Elizabeth Horner Senior Counsel U.S. Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works 5/24/19
Liz Zerga Attorney WYTA 5/28/19
Jack Walkenhorst WYTA President WYTA 5/28/19
Mike McGroddy Mr. NET Power, LLC 5/28/19
Shawn Taylor Executive Director Wyoming Rural Electric Association 5/28/19
Ryan Fitzpatrick Project Director NextEra Energy Resources 5/28/19
Bradford Cooper Senior Manager, Market Design Policy California ISO 5/28/19
Tony O’Donnell Commissioner Montana Public Service Commission 5/28/19
Sam Massey Director NextEra Energy Resources 5/29/19
Travis Jones Guest of Black Hills Corporation 5/29/19

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