2017 Western Conference of Public Service Commissioners

May 21, 2017 – May 24, 2017

The Hotel Captain Cook

Anchorage, Alaska


CLE Certificate of Attendance


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Final 2017 Conference Agenda (PDF)


2017 Conference Presentations

Energy Imbalance Market, or the Wild West Interconnect (PDF) DER 2.0: The Evolution of Distributed Energy Resource Technologies and Regulations
Water: When Government Fails (PDF) Innovations
Do We Still Need USF in Today’s World? If so, How Should It Be Directed? (PDF) Gas Storage and Pipeline Safety: Preparing for the Acts of God and Failures of Man. Is Gas a Viable Bridge From Here to Eternity? (PDF)
Can Nuclear Innovate? (PDF)


Below is Dr. Janice Beecher’s contact information.  Her presentation is available upon request.

Janice A. Beecher, PhD, Director

Institute of Public Utilities | MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY

517.355-1876 | 517.355.1854 fax | beecher@msu.edu| ipu.msu.edu


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For questions about the 2017 WCPSC, please contact Kristin Schubert, Regulatory Commission of Alaska, at kristin.schubert@alaska.gov or (907) 263-2158.



2018 Western Conference of Public Service Commissioners

June 3 – 6, 2018

Boise, Idaho



For questions about the 2018 WCPSC, please contact Terri Carlock, Idaho Public Utilities Commission, at terri.carlock@puc.idaho.gov or (208) 334-0356.