2012 Western Conference of Public Service Commissioners

June 10 – June 13, 2012
Sunriver, Oregon

Emerging Technologies

Advanced Light Water Reactors (Small Modular Reactors
Dr. Jess C. Gehin – Lead, Reactor Technology R&D, Reactor & Nuclear Systems Division, US DOE

Advanced Technologies for Western Conference
Richard Lordan – Senior Technical Executive, Transmission, EPRI

Emerging Technology: Enhancing the Performance of Geothermal Power Production
Susan Petty – AltaRock Energy

Energy Storage: Appreciating the Diversity of Uses
Audrey Lee, Ph.D. – Energy Advisor, Office of the President, California Public Utilities Commission

Geo-Magnetically Induced Currents
Richard Lordan – Sr. Technical Executive, Transmission, EPRI

The Future is Efficient – Emerging Technologies Outlook 2012
Jeff Harris – Director, Emerging Technologies, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

Integrating Variable Resources at Lowest Cost

Meeting Renewable Energy Targets in the West at Least Cost: The Integration Challenge
Lisa Schwartz – Regulatory Assistance Project

NWPP Members’ Market Assessment and Coordination Initiative
Elliot Mainzer – Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Bonneville Power

The biggest electricity challenge in the West: Lowering the cost of integrating variable generation
Doug Larson – Executive Director, Western Interstate Energy Board

Xcel Energy
Tom Imbler – Vice President of Commercial Operations, Xcel

What is the Future of Telecommunications Regulation?

Telecommunications Deregulation: 2010 – 2012
Sherry Lichtenberg, Ph.D. – NRRI

Will We Have Enough Water?

California American Water
Rob MacLean – President, California American Water