2011 Western Conference of Public Service Commissioners

June 12 – June 15, 2011
Denver, Colorado

Clearing the Air: EPA’s Regulations and Electric Generation

Clean Air Act Benefits Outweigh the Costs
James Martin – Region 8, EPA

Natural Gas Supply Assessment and Price Stability

Natural Gas Market Dynamics and Long Term Contracts
Scott Moore – VP of Marketing, Anadarko

North American Natural Gas Resources, Reserves and Production Responses
Dr. John B. Curtis

Regulators’ Tool-Kit: Preparing for Uncertainty

“May you live in interesting times…”: The Regulators’ Tool-Kit in an Era of Uncertainty
Susan Tierney – Analysis Group

Scenario Planning: Avoiding Future Shocks

Introduction to Scenario Planning
Gerald Harris – President,. The Quantum Planning Group

Scenario Planning
John Savage – Oregon PUC

WECC Scenario Planning Process
Bradley Nickell – Director, Transmission Planning, WECC

The Telecommunications Market: Looming Monopolies

Winning with IPTV
Denice Hasty -VP IPTV Marketing, CenturyLink

[States and] The Big Squeeze
Susan Crawford

Turbulance Ahead: Water Issues in the West

California American Water
Robert G. MacLean – President, California American Water

Climate Change: Implications for Western Water
Kathleen Miller – National Center for Atmospheric Research

Water Implications of Advanced Energy Choices
Robin Newmark – Director, Strategic Energy Analysis Center, NREL