2009 Western Conference of Public Service Commissioners

June 6 – June 10, 2009
Kohala, Hawaii

Hawaii’s Clean Energy Future: Or Lessons To Be Learned From Aloha & Poi
Hermina Morita – Representative, Hawaii State House of Representatives

Electric Vehicles

Electric Utility Strategies to Green Transportation
Dave Waller – Vice President for Customer Solutions, Hawaiian Electric Company

Integrating Renewables

Integrating Renewable Energy: The Challenges of Planning, Operations and Law
James K. Tarpey – Commissioner, Colorado PUC

Operational Challenges with Variable Generating Resources
Leon Roose – Manager, System Integration and Shari Ishikawa – Operations Supt., Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc.

Regional Electricity Planning: Unavoidable Constraints, Possible Solutions
Scott Hempling – Executive Director, National Regulatory Research Institute

Natural Gas

A Stunning Year: The Effect of the Current and Anticipated Economic and Political Environment on the Natural Gas Industry
Barrie L. McKay – General Manager, State Regulatory Affairs, Questar Gas Company

Natural Gas Priorities for the West and the California Experience
Timothy Alan Simon – Commissioner, California Public Utilities Commission

Rockies Natural Gas: Heading West or Heading East?
Brian Jeffries – Executive Director, Wyoming Pipeline Authority

Smart Grid

Policies for Smart Grid Acceleration
Juan de Bedout – Global Technology Leader, Power Conversion Systems, GE Global Research

Policies to Ensure Cost Effectiveness of the Smart Grid: A Smart Metering Perspective
Philip Mezey – Senior Vice President and COO, North America, Itron Inc.

Smart Grid Basics (Benefits), Cost Drivers, Uncertainties
Shari Ishikawa – Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc.

Smart Grid: What Regulatory Policies are Necessary to Ensure Cost Effectiveness
Bruce Phillips – Group President, Aclara

Sustainable Water Supply

Water in Hawaii
Peter Nelson – President and CEO, California Water Service Group

What Best Practices Will Keep the Tap Running?
Paul G. Foran – VP and Counsel, Regulatory Programs, American Water